Robert Knox Kennedy & Associates
  Management consulting for private schools

There are times when you and your school need a second opinion....

There are times when you simply need to have somebody from outside your organization to review plans, strategies or situations. These are tough times in which the old ideas and solutions may or may not work. Can you afford to make costly mistakes? Can you risk taking a chance? Your school's future is at stake. That's why you can benefit from the opinion and advice of an experienced person like me.

Who am I? 

  • I have written about, taught in and worked with private schools most of my life.
  • I understand the dynamics and synergies required to make a school work.
  • I can mentor and guide you and your staff as needed in a wide variety of situations.

How can we work?

  • By email and phone.
  • Via Web meetings.
  • By site visits

No project is too small. I bill for my services by the hour. So if all you need is a quick consultation and a bit of assistance, that's fine.

Rob Kennedy

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